Why Should You Install a Gas Fireplace?

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Who is not dreaming of evening relaxation and cozying up on the sofa or fluffy carpet with your loved ones while the wind roars and the snow falls?! However, something is missing in your ideal picture – dancing yellow flames, warm feel of the room, the crackling sounds, occasional firework-like sparks, the smell of the burning wood that add a nostalgic traditional ambiance. All kaleidoscope of emotions is available with this comforting classic addition to match any home regardless of its size or age, and by utilizing either natural wood or propane is called a warm fireplace.

Take advantage of a safe, modern and energy-efficient way of heating – a gas fireplace – that is tremendously popular nowadays. What benefits of gas fireplace installation?

  1. It is easy to use. It offers the ultimate in convenience, as you can literally flip a wall switch or remote control and enjoy the warmth and look of a real fireplace.
  2. It is convenient. You do not have to worry about buying or chopping and storing wood, no live fire inside your home. Of course, you will not get that natural crackle and pop of burning wood, or the unmistakable smell of a wood burning fireplace, either.
  3. It reduces your energy expenses. Forget about high utility bills, turn off your home’s heating system and use the fireplace as your primary heating source!
  4. It needs low maintenance. There are no sparks or ash cluttering your home. Installing gas fireplace you do not have to dispose soot and ash from the bottom of the fireplace. It will not leave a thick residue on the inside of your chimney, reducing the amount of times you will have to get your chimney cleaned.
  5. It increases its marketability. Gas fireplaces are one of the top amenities homebuyers look for when purchasing a home! According to Realtors survey, 46 % of homebuyers would pay more for a home with a fireplace. If you think you might sell your home in the future, installing a gas fireplace is a good investment to make!
  1. It is safe. Though wood burning produces a comforting smell, its smoke can cause some health concerns bothering sensitive lungs.
  1. It is budget-friendly. Installing wood burning fireplace requires more expenses. An average price of  wood burning fireplace installation can vary from $8,500 – $22,000, compared to  $3,650 – $7,800 of gas fireplace installation.

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